Email and SMS Marketing

Refocusing your efforts towards retention can be more profitable than constantly trying to acquire new customers. With Klaviyo's help, you can transform your customer data into revenue-generating opportunities through personalised email and SMS campaigns that inspire your customers to make purchases.

At Stop+Care, we understand that customer data is the most valuable asset for online brands. With Klaviyo, you have an access to every customer order, click, like, review, product viewed, and more. This wealth of data can be utilised to create personalized and relevant messages that are tailored to your customer's interests, behaviour, and purchase history.

  • Email and SMS Marketing

  • Email and SMS Marketing

  • Email and SMS Marketing

  • Email and SMS Marketing

Stop+Care’s expertise in Klaviyo enabled us to develop and execute campaigns that significantly increased our email subscribers and revenue. The team consistently provided guidance and support, while their monthly performance reports have been invaluable in informing our email marketing strategy.

— Larissa Impeduglia, Digital Brand Manager at Vitality Brands

The automated flows they built for us have been running smoothly and have helped us save time and resources, while also delivering strong results.

— Bill Li, Managing Director at Awesome Pack


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